S-Bottle Spare Valve 2-pack - EJTEKS9E

S-Bottle Spare Valve 2-pack - EJTEKS9E

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Product Code: EJTEKS9E

  • Replacement valves for S-Bottles

  • Fit on all S-Bottle variations

  • Packed per 2 pieces

  • Made of silicone.

  • About Difrax

    A well established baby products brand (over 40 years!) in the Dutch market outselling all others. Difrax products are being developed in close cooperation with a panel of medical specialists Amongst others a paediatrician, a speech therapist and a child behaviourist a members of this panel.

    The bottom valve is essential for the good function of the S-Bottles. After a few weeks of use and sterilization the silicone valves need to be replaced.

    Product developed and moulds owned by Difrax.

    S-Bottle Spare Valve 2-pack - EJTEKS9E