NUK Perfect Start Bottle Set - ORDXH5M1

NUK Perfect Start Bottle Set - ORDXH5M1

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  • Includes everything needed to get started with bottle-feeding.

  • NUK's teat shape ensures correct oral development and is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

  • Comes with 2 x Silicone Size 2 Anti-Colic Medium Feed Hole Teats for 0-6month old babies.

  • Wide neck plastic bottles for easy filling, cleaning & stability with simple designs.

  • BPA Free for total reassurance.

  • Product Description

    The NUK Perfect Start Set contains everything you need to get started with bottle-feeding, plus one NUK orthondontic Clear soother.

    To ensure that feeding by bottle replicates breast feeding as closely as possible, NUK took a mother’s breast as their model when designing the NUK orthodontic teat shape. The unique NUK orthodontic shape was developed over 50 years ago after intensive research by two German orthodontists. Their research found that prolonged use of conventional round teats and soothers could cause oral abnormalities. They therefore decided to develop a teat that is based on the shape of a mother’s nipple during breast-feeding. By closely mimicking the sucking action of breast-feeding, NUK teats and soothers encourage the correct oral development for your baby. NUK teats are used in many maternity and neonatal wards throughout the UK. In fact, NUK is currently used in over 200 hospitals, including Great Ormond Street, Alder Hey and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The NUK orthodontic teat is recommended by 93% of paediatricians and 87% of midwives and is the only teat approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

    Why is the NUK orthodontic shape so special? 1. It encourages the sucking action which is important for current jaw development. To help with the birthing process, all babies are born with under-developed jaws. The mouth, tongue and jaw muscles are then developed by the natural sucking action used in breast-feeding, which makes the baby ‘work’ for his feed. By developing these muscles correctly, there will be sufficient space for correct development of the teeth. It is this natural sucking action that the NUK teat mimics, so feeding from a NUK teat will encourage healthy oral development.

    2. It replicates the shape of mother’s nipple when it is inside baby’s mouth making switching between breast and bottle easier. During breastfeeding, the nipple is elongated. It is this elongated nipple shape that the NUK teat mimics, ensuring babies suck on the NUK teat in the same way as they suck on the nipple. The NUK teat gives an airtight suction and a flattened area to press with their tongue in the same way a nipple does. This special orthodontic shape is found on all NUK teats and soothers.

    Features of the NUK Teat a.The flat underside of the teat ensures correct positioning of the tongue, encouraging the milking action that helps to widen the jaw. b.The angled surface supports the upper lip and acts as an anchor for the milking action of the lower jaw just like the ariola. c.NUK Air System: All NUK teats have an air vent on the upper side which compensates for the difference in air pressure in the bottle. This helps to prevent the teat collapsing and the baby swallowing harmful air, which helps prevent colic. d.The feed hole is directed upwards so milk is directed towards the infant’s palate and mixes with saliva to aid good digestion. e.The slender neck allows for an airtight sucking action and helps prevent the swallowing of air and the common problem of colic in feeding infants

    NUK Sizes and Feed-Holes NUK teats and soothers are available in different sizes, making sure they encourage the correct oral development for your baby at any age. NUK Teats and Silicone Soothers are available in Size 1 and 2. Latex soothers are also available in Size 3. The sizing is as follows: Size 1 – 0-6 months, Size 2 6-12 months , Size 3 12-18 months. NUK teats are also equipped with different size feed holes to suit your baby’s needs. Teats are available with medium feed hole, which is suitable for breast or formula milk (and will suffice for most babies), and large feed hole for hungrier babies or thickened feeds.

    NUK First Choice Bottles The First Choice range was developed with mums and medical experts worldwide to find the ideal feeding bottle. First Choice bottles have an extra wide neck to make it even easier to make up a feed and clean the bottle afterwards, and easy to hold. The sealing disc and screw ring guarantee leak-proof transport. They are available in plastic (BPA Free polypropylene) or glass.

    British Dental Health Foundation Approval For extra reassurance, all NUK teats and soothers are approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. NUK is the only brand to have this accreditation, so you know you are using the best quality products for your baby.

    All NUK products are BPA Free All NUK products are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. They are made from polypropylene plastic . Please note this type of plastic has a slightly milky appearance.

    Information & Advice For more information on NUK, or any advice on combining breast and bottle-feeding call the NUK Careline on 0845 300 2467 NUK’s Baby and Feeding Advisor.

    Care Instructions Sterilise NUK bottles, teats and soothers using steam or cold water sterilisation. Microwave sterilisation may cause material damage to latex teats or soothers. Do not place NUK products in the dishwasher as this can cause material damage. For hygiene purposes and safety, replace teats and soothers after 1-2 months use.

    Box Contains

    • 2 x 300ml plastic bottles

    • 2 x 150ml plastic bottles

    • 2 x Silicone Size 2 Anti-Colic Medium Feed Hole Teats

    • 4 x screw rings

    • 4 x sealing discs

    • 4x lids

    • Instruction Leaflet

    • 1 x Clear Soother Silicone Size 1

    NUK Perfect Start Bottle Set - ORDXH5M1