Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream 40ml - AYYAG503

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream 40ml - AYYAG503

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Product Code: AYYAG503

  • For sore, cracked nipples and dry sensitive skin

  • Helps soothe and protect

  • Safe and hypoallergenic

  • 100% natural, paraben free

  • No need to remove before breastfeeding

  • Product Description

    Size name: 40 ml product description lansinoh hpa lanolin nipple cream was developed by a breastfeeding mum to provide relief for sore nipples. lansinoh hpa lanolin is not only recommended by health professionals around the world, but 99% mums would recommend hpa lanolin to other breastfeeding mothers to help soothe and protect their nipples, so they can continue their breastfeeding journey. lansinoh unique filtration process is so advanced, it removes detergents, smells, colour, pesticides and free wool alcohols, ensuring our lanolin is hypoallergenic and safe for baby. because our process is so effective at taking things out, we don’t have to add a single thing back in. our single ingredient nipple cream is 100% natural and completely pure, so there is no need to remove before breastfeeding. lansinoh’s hpa lanolin goes beyond just breastfeeding – mums also love using it for nappy rash, dry skin and as a naturally moisturising lip balm. founded by a breastfeeding mum, lansinoh has been committed to helping mums succeed in breastfeeding for over 30 years. lansinoh is a leader in breastfeeding products and accessories, including best-selling lansinoh disposable nursing pads. * mum hub lansinoh hpa lanolin survey – feb 2018. base 363 mums ingredients 100% lansinoh hpa lanolin p.when('a').execute(function(a) { a.on('a: expander: toggle_description: toggle: collapse', function(data) { window.scroll(0, data.expander.$expander[0].offsettop-100); }); }); directions instructions for use: soften a pea-sized amount between fingers and apply to the entire nipple after feeding or other problem area(s) as needed. re-apply as often as necessary.tip: other mums have also used it for nappy rash, itchy stretch marks, minor cuts, burns and abrasions, dry skin patches and as a naturally moisturising lip balm. legal disclaimer hpa lanolin for sore nipples & cracked skin helps soothe & protect safe & hypoallergenic 100% natural box contains lansinoh hpa lanolin cream 40ml manufacturer contact information lansinoh laboratories, inc, ground floor, mayesbrook house, lawnswood business park, redvers close, leeds, ls16 16 6qy. see more.

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    Lansinoh Laboratories Inc., Jason House, Kerry Hill, Leeds, LS18 4JR, UK.

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    Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream 40ml - AYYAG503