HushCush Nursing Pillow Pink - OTBQ7JV2

HushCush Nursing Pillow Pink - OTBQ7JV2

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  • Portable

  • Secure & intimate

  • Helps reduce reflux & aid digestion

  • Soothing & calming

  • Relieves pressure

  • Product Description

    HushCush 4 in 1 nursing pillow is the most useful accessory for new parents. It will take you through pregnancy all the way to toddlers years. It is small, light and highly portable, ideal to use at home or when out and about. Comes with a strap for easy transport.


    - During pregnancy as a pillow for lower back support or as a wedge support pillow.
    - Whilst breastfeeding
    - Bottle feeding
    - Travel pillow


    - Retains mother's scent
    - Supports the most natural tummy-to-tummy positioning for easy feed
    - Ergonomically designed to aid baby's digestion
    - Keeps baby's head, neck and spine in alignment for better latching on
    - Versatile
    - Easy to use
    - Comfortable
    - Highly portable
    - Ideal for traveling
    - helps with transition baby to restful sleep

    Size: 30 x 23 x 10 cm

    Made from 100% cotton fabric, feels soft and comfortable against baby's skin.
    Inner pads
    100% Hypoallergenic Virgin fibre
    inner pads are made from 100% cotton and virgin fibre

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    HushCush Nursing Pillow Pink - OTBQ7JV2