Hauck Highchairpad Deluxe 2kg - SSVV8EX0

Hauck Highchairpad Deluxe 2kg - SSVV8EX0

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Product Code: SSVV8EX0

  • For alpha+ and similar models

  • Two part seat cushion

  • Exceptionally comfortable seat.

  • Soft padding

  • Removable and easy to clean tray

  • This high chair pad deluxe seat cushion can be used as a soft padding or seat reducer and is therefore the ideal addition to our wooden alpha+ and beta+ highchairs or highchairs with similar constructions. Both parts of the cushion have a high quality filling to ensure the best possible comfort. They fit perfectly into our two high chairs with Velcro closure and can be removed in the same way to wash them. The cushion is available in different designs and features. With cute application, stripes, single colour or breathable and moisture-regulating materials (stretch grey + stretch beige).

    Hauck Highchairpad Deluxe 2kg - SSVV8EX0