Fisher-Price Rainforest Pushchair Toy Arch - ORHP3PYJ

Fisher-Price Rainforest Pushchair Toy Arch - ORHP3PYJ

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Product Code: ORHP3PYJ

  • Full overhead stroller arch loaded with 5 entertaining activities

  • Features large overhead mirror to help promote self-awareness

  • Giraffe clackers, elephant, crinkle leaf, and plush frog and tiger

  • Easy and secure stroller attachment to entertain baby on the go

  • Helps promote development of sensory and gross motor skills

  • Product Description

    Entertain baby wherever you go with the brightly coloured Deluxe Activity Centre that easily attaches to your stroller. Five activities keep baby busy, including a large overhead mirror. Reach, bat, crinkle, rattle, clack, and more – baby will love exploring all the fun of this busy activity centre. Five toys include a plush frog with soft feet, giraffe with clackers, elephant with crinkle leaf, and plush tiger and frog. The easy stroller attachment means you can take it along wherever you and baby go. While your little one is playing, important skills are developing. Reaching and batting at the plush frog and tiger overhead helps baby develop gross motor skills. Baby's reflection in the large overhead mirror, bright colours, friendly characters, and a variety of textures help strengthen baby's senses. Colours and patterns are a great way to help stimulate your baby's visual sense. Point out the colours and name the animals around the centre; even though your baby might not understand the meaning yet, she'll learn that she can switch her focus from one thing to the next.

    Box Contains

    1 x Activity centre

    Fisher-Price Rainforest Pushchair Toy Arch - ORHP3PYJ