ezpz EUFFP002 Silicone Lunch Set - BRUKJT49

ezpz EUFFP002 Silicone Lunch Set - BRUKJT49

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  • Ezpz products are easy to wash with a simple dish detergent and warm water or in the dishwasher can also be put in the normal oven and microwave

  • Suitable for children over 4 months, made from the highest quality silicone (free of BPA, PVC and phthalates), does not promote the growth of bacteria, mould or fungus

  • Tiny spoon, the spoon that helps your child to eat alone thanks to the grip that encourages the grip and measures 9, 5x2, 1 and its rounded shape promotes the closure of the baby's lips.

  • The tiny bowl, place mat with bowl, creates a suction effect, cannot be moved or dropped by the baby; measures 23x15 cm, fits all high chairs, even on the tripp between pp stokke

  • Tiny cup is essential for switching from bottle to glass! The ezpz logo promotes non-slip and the heavy bottom and the granules provide stability and reduce the risk of spilling.

  • It's the first Ezpz feeding set for your baby, it contains a tiny bowl, two tiny spoons and a tiny pink cup.

    ezpz EUFFP002 Silicone Lunch Set - BRUKJT49