as 510cm Carry Sling Laguna - HXEI6UXT

as 510cm Carry Sling Laguna - HXEI6UXT

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  • available in 2 sizes

  • Maximum load bearing weight of 15kg

  • Easy to tie

  • Available in a variety of colours

  • Full instructions provided.

  • Product Description

    All carry slings are made of 100% contaminant-free cotton with a slightly thinner fabric and smoother surface than products from our competitors; this makes them lighter and more permeable to air and thus more comfortable in the summer. The smooth surface makes it easier to tie the sling, as there is less friction between the ends being tied.

    High Carrying comfort and center marking. . .both ends of the Carry Sling are tapered and narrower at the bottom than at the top so that less material hangs over the hips, which not only looks better but makes the Carry Sling even lighter. The Carry Sling provides a very high carrying comfort, which has been underlined in many tests and has been confirmed by 'Trageschule Dresden', which is an approved information centre regarding the topic of '"How to carry my child properly"

    This is also confirmed by the consumers, as AMAZONAS - with it's Carry Slings - is the market leader in this segment all over Europe. This leadership can partly be ascribed to the attractive, trendy colours, which are popular among our consumers.

    Strong and stable while flexible and stretchable. A special weave type called cross twill guarantees that all Carry Slings have an optimum longitudinal strength and stability while providing the required diagonal flexibility and stretch ability. This means Carry Slings only stretches diagonally, not longitudinally.

    This way, it can adapt to the baby's body gently but securely and firmly.

    as baby world offers a variety of carrying systems, baby hammocks, stands and alternative suspension options as well as other attractive products for younger and older children.

    as help street children. In Brazil approximately 25,000 children live completely neglected on the street. Everyday they fight for survival.

    We from as have personally looked at this aid project on site, which has moved us and convinced us that we support it with an annual, generous donation. So we, and you as customer, can not only bring work and progress through the hammock production, but additionally create a future for Brazilian street children.

    Box Contains

    1 x carry sling

    as 510cm Carry Sling Laguna - HXEI6UXT