ANBOO Feeding cloth - RAUZKM8K

ANBOO Feeding cloth - RAUZKM8K

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  • Breathing cheese towel. We carefully select high-quality cotton, strictly control the details, 100 degree ultra-fine, good air permeability, good water absorption, soft and comfortable. Pack of 5 50 x 50 cm, the right size allows you to change and wash ly.

  • Fine hems. The fine hem ensures that the straining cloth is not scattered or scattered during use, and the stitches are fine, durable and lint-.

  • 100% unbleached. It is made of 100% natural food grade cotton, which is never dyed or bleached, so you can filter and pack food with confidence. The material from nature is more comfortable and intimate.

  • Multiple uses so you will find a nice helper in your kitchen. You can use it to cover grilled chicken, brew yogurt, straining juice, steaming potatoes, wrap food etc. You can also use it wonderful to decorate for Halloween.

  • Reusable: the pure cotton is easy to clean and dry, and the robust structure makes it reusable, environmentally friendly and safe. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Straining cloth

    ANBOO Feeding cloth - RAUZKM8K